Monday, January 25, 2010

He pua laha 'ole

Ke welina aloha iā kākou a pau e ka lehulehu! Today's Morning Mana'o features yet another 'ōlelo no'eau, He pua laha 'ole, which translates as, a flower not common. It is used as an expression of one who is as choice and highly prized as a very rare blossom. This mana'o is used frequently in song and chant. Let's break it down and look at its meaning closer. Pua, as we know is the word for flower, but in poetry it can be a reference to a child, loved one, lover or offspring. Laha translates as extended, spread out, published, distributed, common. 'Ole negates the word before it, so laha 'ole means uncommon or rare. Palani Vaughn uses this phrase in the beautiful mele he wrote entitled, He Pua Wehiwa, which speaks of the precious lehua blossom. He describes this pua in different ways using different adjectives in Hawaiian - he pua lei, a flower greatly desired, he pua laha 'ole, a rare flower, he pua wehiwa, a choice flower, he pua mae 'ole, a flower that never fades. This phrase could be used to describe a special person, rare and hard to come by. You could use it to express your love for your spouse, your love. Yet it could also be an expression of love for a child. So many ways to use 4 little Hawaiian words. Take a moment today to think about the pua laha 'ole in your life and as you recall them, let them know just how special they are.

Aloha nō, a hui hou!

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