Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hilina'i - Believe!

Aloha mai e nā hoa aloha! Yet another Hawaiian word for us to learn today, hilina'i. Literally hilina'i translates as to believe, trust; to lean on, rely on, confidence. Sometimes in life we can feel defeated. Especially in these trying times, it can be hard to believe that things will get better. Even in the midst of challenging we must hilina'i, believe. Believe that things will improve. Believe that there is hope. Hilina'i also means to trust and lean on. It is so important to surround ourselves with people we can lean on and trust with complete confidence. Friends and family that can be the ko'o, support posts we need to lift us and at times, even carry us through. Having a higher power we hilina'i brings great peace and comfort and gives us strength to persevere. I call that higher power Ke Akua and I hilina'i, believe in and trust Him in all things. Scholars and intellects throughout history have told us the power of our thoughts. That by simply believing, things can happen. When you think about, the so called secret really isn’t a secret at all. When we have faith and truly believe, our power is limitless. No laila e nā makamaka, e hilina'i kākou, let’s all believe more, trust and rely completely on that greater power, whatever you may call it. CLICK HERE to listen to and download the podcast. Aloha nō, a hui hou.

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